Mysterious sounds from the bottom of the ocean.

Bloop NOAA recording

Slowdown NOAA recording


One of the most interesting aspects of the ocean in my opinion is the mystery of what may live in its deepest regions. If any organization is to discover the secrets of the deep ocean it will be NOAA. The North American Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is the federal association that conducts deep ocean research for the government. Due to submarine defense from the Cold War, NOAA has been gifted deep ocean recording equipment from the government. This equipment has been used to record geological information from the deepest sections of the ocean. This same equipment is also used to monitor animal migrations through out the ocean, for it can pick up the sonar communication between whales. According to the two articles that I have posted above our government placed deep ocean recorders every 3000 kilometers in certain sections of the ocean. The point at which both of these recordings are from is referred to as Point Nemo. Point Nemo is a point of inaccessibility, which means that it is the farthest point in the ocean away from any land mass. It is located in the Southern Ocean. What makes these two recordings from Point Nemo interesting is that they are unidentified recordings. NOAA claims that it is likely that they are sounds of ice sheets breaking off of Antarctica but their website lacks any information on the subject. Another theory about these recordings is that they originate from a biological source. This idea that these sounds may have been generated from a sea creature is fantastical because these are some of the loudest sounds ever recorded. According to the articles that I have posted these sounds were heard of a distance over 3000 kilometers. Though NOAA has not confirmed that these sounds are either that of an ice sheet breaking or an animal call it is interesting of itself that these sounds are still not identified. Both articles share different opinions (the one from Wired shares an opinion towards geological phenomenon while the article from Drunken Boat has a neutral view in my opinion.) they both state that the acoustics of the sound have only been identified as “likely” a geological sounds and “similar” to a biological generated call. Though I do not speculate as to what the sounds are, it is incredible to me that two sounds that are supposedly the loudest in existence were recorded in one (as far as my quick research has shown) of the most isolated regions of the ocean, far from any land mass. To get an idea of the isolation of this region and the phenomena that I have posted above here are two more articles. The first is a quick article about the calculations involved in finding Point Nemo and the last one is a Wiki article about Poles of Inaccessibility. To be clear though, my research has been extremely quick and I am not sure of the credibility of the sources of my articles.


Unidentified NOAA recording JULIA

This is another unidentified deep sea recording from NOAA’s research. I am almost sure that this is from Nemo Point also but I will do more research about that.

Five Recordings of Mysterious ocean sounds, the three I have posted are included with new information.

This is the last link I will post. This has five mysterious recordings from NOAA and a basic description of the location of these recordings. The recordings JULIA, BLOOP, and SLOWDOWN are all on this page but there are two more recordings on here also. The author of this article writes of the specific recorder that captured the sounds that hare posted. Some of them share the same recorder.

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